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In today's environment of reduced employee head count it is difficult for management to allocate the resources necessary to ensure the successful completion of critical projects while maintaining staff balance. We understand the risks and costs of an unsuccessful project, a critical staff vacancy or a crunch time deadline. Legerity Group is comprised of professionals who've gone through exactly the same business processes.  We are finance and accounting professionals that will provide your organization with experienced, cost-effective resources to assist you with the timely completion of your projects or staff issues. Below are a few questions that companies should consider when determining their possible need for outside project professionals. 

Does my internal team have the time resources necessary to successfully complete this project?

Many projects and initiatives within companies drag on forever because the resources allocated to them are already being occupied with day-to-day activities.  Don't get bogged down with too many tasks...ask us for help.

Can I work with Legerity Group if we have a Vendor Management tool in place? 

In a word, YES!  We have done SOWs (Statements of Work) that can be completed outside any VMS protocol.  It is an efficient use of time and minimizes the "red tape" that many hiring managers face when deciding to bring in an external resource to get a project done or address an immediate vacancy that cannot go unattended.   

Our Director of Financial Reporting has just resigned, what should we do while we are recruiting a replacement?

The use of an interim solution in this situation is highly recommended. In fact, we suggest that you bring in the interim professional before the incumbent leaves in order to facilitate knowledge transfer. Our professionals possess the "been there, done that" experience to successfully manage the role while you are recruiting for a full-time solution. This process allows for a smooth transition, reduces stress on you and the rest of your team and allows you to take the necessary time to search for the appropriate candidate.

How quickly will an outside project professional get up to speed within our environment?

Our project professionals possess at least 15 years of industry experience and will have performed in similar environments in the past and will be able to make an immediate positive impact on your project.  Legerity Group will only provide consultants who understand the nature of what a successful consultant needs to be....a self-starter, intuitive and quick on ones feet.  

What if I want my people to do the project work and have somebody backfill them?

This is a common occurrence and an excellent solution that allows you to motivate your staff by having them involved in work other than the day-to-day responsibilities while their current role is being maintained by an experienced professional from Legerity Group.