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You have many choices in the Executive Consulting Search field

At Legerity Group we possess a network of accounting, finance and operations professionals who are selected and assigned based on industry experience, demeanor, cultural fit and ability to complete our clients' tasks. Whether you are dealing with a complex short or long-term project, a leave of absence or a vacancy, we will provide the experienced resources to get your work done effectively. Utilizing a thorough vetting process Legerity Group will complete 99% of the work in identifying the right person. Our clients won't be distracted with endless interviews and a drawn out process so they can focus on what matters, their business. Pinpointing the right fit for our clients is not luck....it's borne out of years of understanding people, assessing skills and personalities and a unique ability to understand our clients' needs. Making that match is what drives us at Legerity Group.  

The Consulting Landscape

In this climate of limited resources and constantly changing business directives, clients turn to Legerity Group for highly skilled accounting, finance and operations professionals who deliver immediate results for their most pressing issues. Our approach is a consultative one where our clients work with one member of Legerity Group throughout the entire process.   With a vast network of relationships we can address ANY interim scenario throughout the United States.  Legerity Group has worked on numerous projects and staff augmentation roles in the following areas: 

Financial Planning Services Upper Saddle River NJ

Where we focus our resources

Our accounting, finance and operations professionals are experienced in a wide range of related services.  If you have an issue, give us a chance. 

  • Interim CFOs, Controller and VPs of Finance
  • Financial Analysis/Planning
  • SEC Reporting
  • Year-End Process (Budget Compilation)
  • Carve Outs/IPO Readiness
  • Data Analysis/Data Flow
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Accounts Receivables/ Payables Projects
  • Risk and Compliance (CCAR, Dodd-Frank, AML, KYC, etc.)
  • International & Domestic Tax (FASB issues)
  • Business Re-Engineering
  • Business Analysts (BAs) and Project Managers (PMs) 
  • Bankruptcy
  • ERP Implementations & Integration
  • Dual Liaisons between Finance & IT
  • Financial Services Product Knowledge
  • Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Audit Preparation (projects in Sarbanes-Oxley)
  • Finance, accounting and operations interim support 
  • Regulatory Reporting (15c3-1, 15c3-3, etc.)
  • Revenue Recognition/ASC606
  • Change Management Projects